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    In the Spotlight:  New Product Messaging

New Product Messaging

Identifying what to put on a new product package to drive purchases Challenge
Our client, an international market leader expanding into a new and highly competitive category, wanted to identify the optimal messaging for their new product package. The package messaging needed to be compelling enough that it could “sell itself” at shelf.
Decision Point Approach
We wanted to understand not only the appropriate messaging hierarchy given the competitive set but also the language consumers would use to describe the product benefits. Using our iterative Messaging Optimization tool, consumers rated different combinations of benefits and claims and we identified the optimal messaging to drive sales.
At the beginning of this process, our client identified what they thought was the winning combination – or the package messaging they would have rolled out had they not done this research. The new messaging outperformed their original selection 2-to-1. We clearly identified the combination of benefits and claims that would drive the most sales. We were also able to predict who they would steal share from.