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Client case studies

targeted qualitative research
to optimize B2B healthcare catalog

consumer research

A private company specializing in a wide range of healthcare products wanted to understand perceptions of their B2B catalog, how it was being used, and what drove value.  

decision point approach

  • We conducted multiple rounds of qualitative research including both in-person interviews and focus groups with a wide range of our client’s catalog users, spanning many different types of hard-to-reach professionals. 
  • In the qualitative sessions, we uncovered perceptions of the catalog and product selection, how the catalog was used in the purchase journey, which of the resources provided in the catalog were used, what types of products and product details were most desired, what layout and design were more compelling, and what type of content drove interest and value.

actionable results

  • Through the research, we uncovered how the catalog was used, which features were a must have, what assumptions were being made about product assortment, if special catalog resources were being used, and reaction to the idea of a smaller catalogue.  
  • Based on the research results, we identified important pain points and made key recommendations to optimize the catalog layout, content, and service based on consumer preferences and expectations.

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