Qualitative Research

Is your research uncovering breakthrough ideas?

Our qualitative research is designed to identify untapped opportunities from your consumers – opportunities that will drive profitable growth.

Our approach includes:

  • Designing a methodology based on your specific needs and objectives
  • Establishing a bond so consumers feel comfortable enough to share their true feelings
  • Making connections among consumer insights, existing internal beliefs, and external factors
  • Prioritizing recommendations and consulting on implementation

When you work with us, you gain a partner. We’re here to help whether it’s determining the best approach to your problem, eliciting deeper insights from your consumers, or leading strategy sessions to implement recommendations.

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Real-world, real-time observations and analysis of consumers in their “natural habitat.” Whether at home, in the store, or out and about, you’ll learn how your target genuinely interacts with your product or product category. Ethnographies are often used to jumpstart new product development or to uncover product improvement opportunities.

In-Depth Interviews

Get to the source of the issue or identify opportunities through revealing 1:1 interviews (on-site or virtually) with your targeted consumers facilitated by skilled moderators.

Focus Groups

Get consumer insights and reactions in a group setting facilitated by experienced moderators who draw out compelling insights from adults or children.

Simulated Shopping

Customized shelf sets recreate the consumer experience providing insight into how consumers interact with your product and make purchase decisions at shelf.


Learn from observing real-time shopping and purchase decisions vs. reported ones. Our in-store or online Shop-Alongs provide detailed insights to consumers’ decision-making process at the point of purchase.

User Testing

Whether it’s a consumer interaction with your product, website, or at shelf – we identify what’s working well and what to optimize to improve the consumer experience.


Increase your new product success rate and reduce the time and cost of development by bringing the consumer into the process at the initial stages. We’ll identify the appropriate team of creative consumers, design engineers, graphic designers and lead them along with your internal team to bring the best ideas to life.


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