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Using Consumer Research
to Enhance Patient Experience

A specialized cancer treatment center known for patient-centered care in a highly competitive marketplace wanted to ensure consistent delivery of exceptional patient experiences.

decision point approach

Our customized program for monitoring patient interactions, and journalistic approach to qualitative deep dives provided real-time quality assurances against key benchmarks and clear direction on any needed action.

Additionally, to stay ahead of patients’ expectations, we:

  • Conducted in-depth interview (IDI) sessions with patients to learn how they interacted with our client’s website, learning what was most helpful and where they struggled.
  • Interviewed members of the patients’ care team (referring surgeons, physicians and internal staff) uncovering opportunities to improve communication, making it better for patients.
  • Executed Annual Drivers Analysis to identify and prioritize improvement opportunities for maximum impact.
  • Analyzed trends and competitive threats within the rapidly changing marketplace – locally, regionally and nationally

actionable results

  • With this hybrid approach, our client was able to ensure a consistently high level of patient care.
  • Added benefit: glowing patient reviews provided an opportunity for current patients to share their experiences with prospective patients.
  • Website research findings and recommendations were used to redesign the client’s website, elevating the patient’s initial experience with the provider.

what our clients say

decision point has done a wonderful job streamlining our process of collecting and utilizing patient feedback. From customizing the survey to meet our needs, monitoring results and flagging those that need immediate attention, to identifying which factors have the most impact on patient experience, the information has been invaluable in maintaining and enhancing our patient experience.”

Executive Director

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