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in-store and online shop along interviews uncover purchase motivations, consideration, and intent   

A popular home and leisure brand wanted to understand how and why their customers shopped for their products along with what drove consideration and purchase among online and in-store.

decision point approach

  • For this very detailed and focused participant recruit, we started out with pre-shop along interviews to understand product usage and past purchase.
  • We then conducted in-person in-store and virtual online shop along interviews in multiple locations and multiple retailers uncovering shopping inspiration and planning, store navigation, product feature evaluation, barriers, and purchase drivers.

actionable results

  • Our research clearly mapped how our client’s customers shop for their products, identifying what features and benefits impacted purchase intent, what product communication and displays promoted product interest, and existing barriers to purchase that needed to be addressed.
  • We helped to maximize our client’s in-store presence with key recommendations on product selection and display improvements, product benefit communication, and packaging and in-store signage enhancements.

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