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improving banking customer experience

A regional community bank wanted to better understand customer needs, attitudes, and expectations, and importantly, what services were most valued and impacted how customers choose their financial institution.

decision point approach

  • We started out with key stakeholder focus groups for a thorough grounding in the company’s mission, long range goals, and their history of outreach and support in the communities they serve.
  • To gain a more complete understanding of customers’ perceptions of our client, their service expectations, and what they value most from a community-based financial institution, we conducted focus groups and an online study with all our client’s customers to quantify the findings.  

actionable results

  • Our study results indicated top consumer needs and service expectations along with what they value most in selecting a financial institution.
  • We identified key existing pain points with different types of customers and provided clear recommendations of how to grow relationships with their customers.

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