Decision Point - Market Research and Consumer Reports

Client case studies

exploring brand positioning
to attract younger consumers

A leading snack brand had decreasing sales among current users and low usage among younger consumers and wanted to increase growth by attracting younger consumers.

decision point approach

  • We conducted exploratory qualitative research to identify opportunity areas for the brand which led to:
    • Working with the client to develop new brand positioning
    • Working with the client’s design firm to develop an updated brand mark and new packaging design
    • Leading the development of an integrated advertising campaign in partnership with one of the nation’s top advertising and media buying agencies

actionable results

  • Our research uncovered how to differentiate the brand from the competition and give younger consumers a reason to consider the brand.
  • The new ad campaign helped to increase sales among the growth target and among current users and the new package design outperformed current design in additional consumer testing.
  • The exploratory research we conducted at the onset of this project continues to be used by the brand team.

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