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research with kids and parents
to optimize selection and appeal

A global toy manufacturer and entertainment company wanted kids to assess new catalog visual and communication tactics to understand what they found appealing and compelling to help the client further optimize products, layouts, and messaging.

decision point approach

  • Focus groups were conducted, separately, with parents and kids, stratified by age of child, in multiple locations to assess the new catalog spreads.
  • Through homework review, in-group catalog activities, and a thorough review of the impacted catalog pages and spreads, parents and kids offered specific insights into preferences, importance, clarity, and impact on purchase.

actionable results

  • The research clearly identified which of the new catalog features and tactics were compelling and helped garner positive purchase intent and which ones were less important to consumers.
  • An added benefit – product comparisons during the focus groups revealed that improvements in competitor quality and attractiveness had led to a decreased point of difference for the client’s products, which spurred additional research and client actions.

what our clients say

“These focus groups prompted us to make significant changes to our catalog direction, cutting costly features that kids and parents did not find interesting or relevant. In addition, decision point’s knowledge and expertise with our category led to bonus critical insights we hadn’t expected when the project started. Our catalog is an expensive marketing tool, and decision point’s work has helped us better optimize that revenue-driving investment.”

Senior Manager, Consumer Insights

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