New Product Development

Are you using advanced analytics to optimize your new product development?

New research techniques, such as advanced analytics and co-creation, enable you to develop new products more efficiently- shortening development time and increasing new product success rate.

At Decision Point, we have vast experience on both the research and marketing side of new product development. Whether you need help through the entire development process or one component of it, we’re here to help. We provide research and marketing consulting for new product development and launches.


Contact us to learn more about our New Product Research and Marketing services, including:

Concept Optimization

Our Concept Optimization tool uses an iterative learning model to identify the most desired combination of concept elements. The tool tests a multitude of concept combinations with consumers to determine the optimal concept vs. the competitive set. This tool can also be used to determine messaging for packaging or advertising.


Creative processing skillfully facilitated to uncover new platforms, products or product enhancements.


Co-creation brings the consumer into the early stages of product development – shortening development time and reducing the risk associated with a new product launch.