Adapting to a New Normal

Adapting to a New Normal

Understand how your consumer’s mindset is changing.

Prior to COVID-19, the marketplace was changing, but now the consumer is also changing. It is more important than ever to understand and support your consumers, so you can meet them where they are, not where they were.       

By creating a strong connection with consumers, your brand will be one that resonates long after this crisis ends.

Virtual IDIs In-depth interviews bring your consumer’s story to life as they evolve through this crisis.  Understand their worries, their new habits, how your products fit into their new world, their anticipated future world and new expectations.

Quick Pulse Tracking changes in key attitudes and / or behaviors tells you if, when and how to pivot communications, product offerings and more. Via a short, customized online survey, we laser focus on the areas that address your business needs, tracking changes over time and keeping in sync with your consumer in real-time.