Using Customer Journey Mapping to Drive Sales

Using Customer Journey Mapping to Drive Sales

Understanding what motivates customers throughout the purchase journey is a powerful tool.

Our client was using an influence the influencer strategy to sell their services, but recently sales were softening. They wanted to start marketing directly to their customer, but didn’t know where to begin.

Our Customer Journey Mapping process identified how to effectively market directly to their target. Through extensive 1:1 interviews, we identified:


  • what was most important to their customer at each point of the journey
  • which messages resonated and which did not
  • the point when customers would be most receptive to their message
  • what the competition was doing
  • other key influencers in the process



The process also provided meaningful insight into how they could improve their current influencer marketing.

Thanks to our Customer Journey Mapping, our client now knows exactly where to begin to market directly to their customer.