Quantitative Research

Have you harnessed the power of analytics beyond basic cross-tabs?

Basic cross-tabs, while commonly used, only tell part of the story. Cross-tabs don’t uncover patterns, connections, or help to predict future behavior the way advanced analytics can.

Our advanced analytic tools, such as Concept Optimization or Driver Analysis, reveal far more than cross-tabs. Using the power of statistical algorithms, we are able to synthesize a large amount of data into information that will help you to increase sales.

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Our Concept Optimization tool uses an iterative learning model to identify the most desired combination of concept elements. The tool tests a multitude of concept combinations with consumers to determine the optimal concept vs. the competitive set. This tool can also be used to determine messaging for packaging or advertising.


Segmentation provides a deeper understanding of your consumer segments so you can identify where to prioritize efforts and how to tailor your products and/or messaging.


Through Conjoint Analysis, we can assess the relative importance your target places on different elements of a product, packaging, or advertising campaign.


Identify opportunities for growth by understanding the motivations, unmet wants and underserved needs of consumers. Derived through advanced Econometric Modeling vs. self-reporting, Driver Analysis gets to consumers’ often unarticulated purchase motivators.


Our price optimization research helps to determine the optimal price for your product or service to maximize revenue.


Our advanced analytics help you identify optimal product line or brand configuration to maximize sales.


Proactively manage the health of your brand or the level of customer satisfaction. Our customized Tracking Reports pinpoint issues and opportunity areas and provide recommendations on how to act upon results.

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