Consumer Behavior is Rapidly Changing

Consumer Behavior is Rapidly Changing

How are insight tools and techniques keeping pace?

Accelerating adoption of new technology and an expanding emphasis on connection are quickly changing the way consumers are making purchase decisions.

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 4.24.55 PMWithin the fact-filled infographic below, Hubspot chronicles the history of how we buy and where we get information for purchase decisions. From leafing through the Sears catalogue to surfing smartphones for online product reviews, we’ve come a long way.

As marketers and researchers, we have to ask whether the tools and techniques we’re using to measure and understand consumer behavior are keeping pace?

Traditional insights asked consumers to think back on what they liked about a specific product, service or experience. Today, advanced analytics, co-creation and hybrid quali-quant tools take the real-time pulse of consumers and forecast future trends.

Message optimization is a prime example of the power of advanced analytics. This sophisticated tool leverages iterative learning capabilities for message optimization before products hit the shelves. It is a step beyond conjoint in that it identifies optimal combinations of a multitude of benefits and claims for messaging in the native language of the consumer. Click here to learn more about one major marketer’s successful integration of message optimization into their new product launch.

Whether promoting a new product or revitalizing an established brand, the trends and transitions in consumer behavior today require a higher level of thinking. Are you missing the bigger picture and getting left behind by using outdated approaches? How are you adapting? Share your successes and challenges with us here.


How People Buy: Evolution of Consumer Purchasing